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Partner Programme

A partnership with Mevrik can scale your business right from the beginning. Grow your expertise, engage your customers with exclusive marketing tools, and take your business to the next level.

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Partnership paths

Choose an approach that best aligns with your business needs. Be it leveraging existing programmes or designing bespoke solutions, pick whatever works for your success. 

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    Secure recurring earnings from your customers and get bigger discounts and rewards for deeper savings and increased profits.
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    Get rewarded just by referring Mevrik. Share the joy of discovery and earn benefits. Integrate Maximise profitability by implementing Mevrik through APIs, apps, and mobile SDKs.
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    Build an app, automation, or integration on Mevrik Marketplace and reach a wider range of audiences for app success.

Why choose us?

  • Easy-to-use technology

    Our goal is to make every customer happy and for businesses to improve their revenue. The platform's intuitive design ensures that both support agents and customers can navigate effortlessly through its features.
  • Customer First

    Mevrik emphasises building strong customer relationships. Whether it's features like self-service portals, knowledge base articles, or community forums, Mevrik is committed to delivering solutions tailored to customers preferences and needs.
  • Future Opportunities

    Join us in building ground-breaking integrations that spark growth and thrive in expanding markets.
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