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Make positive customer interactions a priority

From everyday interaction to complex customer relationship management, Mevrik makes it easier to manage.

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What we do

Boost Productivity
Drive real-time conversations from multiple channels into one central location with Unified Inbox. This eliminates the hassle of switching between tabs and the risk of missing important customer replies.
Around-the-clock Availability
Provide quick and accurate answers to customer questions anytime, anywhere, with automation for improved customer satisfaction.
Better lead nurturing
Identify trends from previous customer interactions to anticipate customer needs and preferences for a personalised experience and better lead generation.

Easy Navigation

Save time managing multiple channels for your business

According to research, an average person spends 4 hours a week switching between tabs.
Mevrik’s unified inbox gathers conversations from multiple channels and showcases them on one dynamic platform. This single screen not only reduces the hassle of switching tabs but also helps you stay on top of all communications.

24/7 online presence

Work smarter, not harder, with automated communication

Mevrik Chatbot allows your business to answer customer questions 24/7, so you can get back to sleep or focus on high-priority tasks while your customers get answers when they most need them.

One screen fits all

Whether you want to organise queries from multiple channels or analyse the customer journey to provide immediate, relevant responses, Mevrik has hundreds of tools that you can use and love.