AI-powered knowledgebase for self-service support
Empower customers and employees to find answers to their inquiries independently with Mevrik's knowledge base. You can create, manage, and share all product tutorials and how-to guides from one single location.
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Auto-Article Creation
Create good-looking support docs in seconds. Click on Generate with AI button and never write a docs from scratch ever again.
SEO Capabilities
Easily add SEO keywords throughout your knowledge-base articles, so your customers can find the answers no matter where they search.
Branding and Customisation
Design a help centre that looks and feels just like your brand. You can adjust the fonts, icons, and colours for a perfect fit.
Rich-media Editor
Build your knowledge base with zero hassle

Easily draft, edit, and publish support documents.

Attach images and videos for an intuitive experience.

Automatically translates to 40+ languages to broaden customer reach.

Generate with AI
Give your documents a head start with automation

Generate professional-looking documentation in minutes.

Instantly continue writing with context-aware suggestions.

Capture the brand image for style consistency in documents.

Branding and Customisation
Position your knowledgebase as a credible resource

Personalise your knowledge base with your brand's logo, fonts, and colours.

Enrich your header with links to company resources.

Visualise how knowledge base categories are displayed to users.

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