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Enhance Customer Interaction Like Never Before with Mevrik AI
Empower your agent & teams, reduce response times & delight your customers with Mevrik AI.
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Mevrik AI
Only AI Platform for your CX Needs
Built from real customer pain points & by CX Expert. With Mevrik AI, boost your agent productivity 10x & get 5x better CSAT, it can help identify trends and patterns in customer conversations, providing valuable insights for business decisions.
Enhanced GPT model for fluent & relevant response generation for CX industry
Supports all major languages, ensuring effective communication with global customers.
Multilingual Customer Support solution
Enterprise Grade Security Mevrik
Enterprise Grade Data Security
Ensuring robust protection for sensitive information
Mevrik AI assist
ai assist
Respond faster and better with Mevrik AI Assist
Resolve issues quicker and provide smoother support with the full picture without scroll. Grasp the core of the conversation in seconds, from initial query to latest update.
Facilitate communication by translating messages between customers and agents, breaking down language barriers and ensuring seamless interactions regardless of language differences.
Tone Changer
Allow agents to adapt their communication style to match the customer's preferences, making interactions more personalized and effective.
Reply Generator
Generate responses based on provided text input, streamlining communication and providing consistent, contextually relevant replies to customer inquiries.
Sentence Extender
Allow agents to provide additional context and information to responses, enhancing the completeness and clarity of communication with customers.
Sentence Shortener
Allow agents to provide condense information for more concise and focused communication with customers, improving clarity and efficiency.
Sentence Rewording
Convey the same message using different words, enhancing clarity and ensuring effective communication with customers.
Grammar & Spell Fix
Automatically correct spelling and grammar errors in messages, ensuring professional and error-free communication with customers.
Mevrik AI Agent
Your Intelligent Support Partner for revolutionizing customer support
Mevrik AI Agent
Smart reply
Respond like a Pro, Even for Unknown Questions
Never feel lost again! Mevrik Smart Reply suggests perfect answers, even for unfamiliar questions, making you a customer support superhero.
Delight Customers, Even When Agents Are Offline
Ever worry about leaving customers hanging when your team is unavailable? Mevrik Auto-Pilot steps in as your 24/7 support hero, ensuring every customer receives a prompt and helpful response, no matter the time of day.
Mevrik AI automated customer support
Train AI chatbot
Trusted Agent for Lifetime
The loyal agent who never leaves your company. Mevrik agent gets smarter with every question. Mevrik AI Agent gathers knowledge from diverse sources like your knowledge base, website, FAQs, and even external resources, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date responses.
Conversation Summary
See the Full Story in Every Interaction
Resolve issues quicker and provide smoother support with the full picture without scroll. Grasp the core of the conversation in seconds, from initial query to latest update.
Mevrik Conversation Summary
Unveil the Magic of Mevrik AI in Knowledgebase
Ditch the content creation grind! Mevrik AI is your secret weapon for generating high-quality knowledge base articles, FAQs, and more in seconds. Plus, watch agent efficiency soar as Mevrik suggests the perfect answer right within their inbox.
Generate Articles and FAQs instantly
Generate Articles & FAQs Instantly
From Blank Page to SEO Masterpiece Article or FAQ Generate with the power of Mevrik AI.
Show Surface Relevant Articles
Show Surface Relevant Articles
Suggest helpful resources to agents within the unified inbox, saving them search time.
Empower Self-Service
Empower Self-Service
Provide customers with easy access to answers, reducing agent workload.
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