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Make the lives of your learners and educators easier

Whether it's helping students with educational tools or assisting teachers with administrative issues, Mevrik helps you deliver impeccable support to your entire school community.

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Conduct customer support in a better way

Collaborate in real-time
Build interactive learning experiences with Mevrik's video chat and co-browsing facilities to boost community engagement and improve overall education quality.
Transformative Learning with Data
Create a more personalised, learner-centric model with Mevrik CRM. Streamline administrative processes as well as the learner journey by anticipating their needs beforehand and propelling your institution towards growth.
Valuable Insights from the Community
Guide your institution towards growth with Mevrik Feedback. Easily find out areas where your students are encountering challenges in their learning journey and deliver a personalised experience that meets their needs.

Improved engagement

Offer a human touch

While self-help is preferred by many community members, there will always be individuals seeking human interaction to overcome some critical challenges faced in their learning journey.
With Mevrik live chat, your institution can deliver personalised, real-time support that can enhance community engagement and lead your institution to success.

Personalised Assistance

Accurate, unique, and in-depth community support in real-time

Discover a wealth of information about your community demographics, academic performance, and engagement with Mevrik CRM. This data-driven approach helps your institution recruit the right talent as well as develop a curriculum that can be easily understood by students from diverse backgrounds.

Increased retention rates

Candid opinions that drive growth

Gather your school community's opinions, experiences, and suggestions with Mevrik customer feedback. This helps your institutions gain valuable insights into satisfaction levels, areas for improvement, and unique preferences.

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