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Exceed customer expectations for quality care

Mevrik seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to automate routine tasks, reduce administrative burdens, and allow healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality patient care.

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Conduct customer support in a better way

24/7 Patient Portal
Respond to customer inquiries like scheduling appointments, billing questions, or addressing medication queries quickly to build an experience that fosters lasting connections with your patients.
Unified view of patient data
Consolidate patient conversations from various channels onto one platform with a unified inbox and organises responses to answer high-priority inquiries quickly.
Patient Centric knowledge base
Equip your patients with accurate information so that they can make informed choices about their health and participate more actively in their care.

Improve customer engagement

Support your patients' needs around the clock

In the healthcare field, every second matters. Hence, provide quick support for customer inquiries with the Mevrik Chatbot.

Whether it's scheduling appointments, billing information, or just answering general questions, help your patients make informed decisions about their health and drive corporate growth.

Improved communication

Boost agent efficiency and reduce wait times

Mevrik centralises all patient inquiries into a single inbox, making it easier for agents to track, prioritise, and resolve issues. This increases the number of inquiries handled per agent and decreases overall resolution times.  

Boost patients' happiness

Better data, improved health care

Monitor feedback and social media interactions to understand patient concerns and adjust services accordingly to provide personalised experiences that enhance overall satisfaction and contribute to the continuous improvement of healthcare delivery.

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