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Find the right lead with Mevrik CRM
An integrated solution to help you segment your leads, nurture them with personalised care, and build relationships that grow your business.
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Efficient Data Integration
Migrate clean customer data into CRM through native import functionalities and minimise any disruption to your business operations.
Segment Leads
Filter down customer interactions into targeted segments and engage each customer with personalised support that best matches their needs.
Insights on Customer Journey
Get a 360° view of customers' needs through interaction history and offer proactive customer support to engage them.
Data Synchronisation
Connect every customer record with ease
Transfer all existing data or upload new records into Mevrik's CRM system with just a few clicks.
Capture all your leads and prevent potential customer data from slipping through the cracks.
Intuitive ux
Search your data—your way
Categorise and organise your data collection—to understand each customer's wants and needs and make them feel special. Deliver exact messages that resonate with them and boost your bottom line.
Predictive analytics
Convert every interaction into insights
Whether your customer is checking your product for the first time or making a repeat purchase, know every intention of your customers through interaction history and provide personalised support that will keep them engaged long-term.
Only AI Platform for your CX Needs
Built from real customer pain points & by CX Expert. With Mevrik AI, boost your agent productivity 10x & get 5x better CSAT, it can help identify trends and patterns in customer conversations, providing valuable insights for business decisions.
Boost CX by uncovering more in-depth reports
Compile customer data across different channels and deliver personalised support, right from the first interaction to post-purchase customer care, to ensure a consistent and positive customer experience.
Scale the impact of your product offerings and forecast future opportunities
Take advantage of robust customer data to setup your sales funnel and drive qualified leads through each stage to boost market share.

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