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Build Human-Like Conversational Supercharged BOT

Chatbot/Voicebot: A no code bot builder with Herculean AI to power next-Generation Conversations

Unified and supercharged engagement

Mevrik can help you increase your marketing, product sales and boost your customer support.


Don’t miss any customer queries; reduce 60% customer service costs by automating your sales and support.


Offer instant customer support through a rich conversational journey. 95% of conversations are handled by BOT.


Broadcast or send re-engagement messages to your customers to keep in touch with them.

Build, connect and launch

Build your supercharged bot by Mevrik's Visual & On-Click Builder.

Mevrik AI No-Code Chatbot Builder for Multiple channels
Mevrik AI Powered Chatbot

Understand customer needs

Herculean AI that can understand your customers

Domain-specific pre-trained NLP & NLU models that can understand your customers.

Utilise personalised offers and suggested items to guide customers towards a purchase.

A rich industry-leading DSP AI engine that can reduce the time to market and can solve.

Single and multi-intentions, sentiment, and more. Seamlessly handle context, state, and information from user messages.

Constantly grow your  business

Drive your sales & marketing by Mevrik AI

Increase your product sales, customer engagement, and order management through messaging channels.

Re-engage your prospects and customers across multiple communication channels seamlessly.

Deliver instant personalised support in customer's favorite channels.

Mevrik AI Powered Analytics Platform for Sale, Support & Marketing
No-Code Visual Chatbot Builder for Omni-Channel

Automate Workflows

Easily build supercharged conversational experience

Build and design interactive conversation for multi-channel without creating repetitive intent or flow.

Mevrik on-click & visual builder to help nurture relationships with your customers.

No coding experience is required to build powerful chatbots.

And it’s full of delightful features

To help you enjoy the ride and ship something joyful!

Mevrik Multi-channel Chatbot platform

Multi-Channel capabilities

Respond to your customer on their favourite messaging app and start a video call with Mevrik Video from anywhere.

AI Chatbot Rich Media Components

Rich Media Components

Use params and data dynamically inside any reply that features text, carousels, and rich elements like buttons with channels that support them.

Mevrik AI Chatbot Visual Builder

On-click & Visual Builder

Visually create flows by drag and drop UI elements or on-click triggers and replies on flow builder.

Mevrik Customer Segmentation

Automated Customer Segmentation

Dividing your customers into groups based on their behaviour and common characteristics with Mevrik AI.

Mevrik AI Powered Analytics platform for sales, support & marketing

Insights & Analytics

View various metrics in a dashboard, including messages, users, and sentiment.

Mevrik Conversation Handover Protocol for Human to Chatbot and Chatbot to Human

Conversation Handover

Forward to a human agent and handle the conversation to support your customer.

A/B Testing

Test your flows or conversations using A/B test conditions.

Mevrik bulk AI training module

Bulk re-training

Train multiple queries with entities and more from response log or un-recognized query list  by a single click.

Mevrik Pre-Trained AI Model for Chatbot, VoiceBOT & Assistant

Pre-trained AI Model and GUI-Based Custom Training

Select a pre-trained model to reduce time to market and train utterances by GUI without coding knowledge.

Mevrik Flow version controling with CTR & CPM

Flow Version Controlling

Review the previous flow version's detailed logs (CTR, CPM, etc.) and restore them if needed.

Mevrik Hybrid Intent Detection for Chatbot & Dialog management

Multi-Language response under in single Intent

Use the same intent and similar conversation design for multiple languages and channels without creating another intent.

Mevrik Messenger for WebSite and Mobile App

Chat Widget For Web, In Apps, & Desktop

Rapidly launch in-app messaging & video chat with our highly scalable infrastructure.

Mevrik E-Commerce Integration for Conversational Commerce

E-Commerce Integration

Send abandoned cart reminders, coupons, manage orders, personalised offers with Mevrik automation on messaging channels.

An Ecosystem of Integrations

One-click integrations with your existing stack. No change of management needed.

Google Analytics




Open AI



Office 365

Google Sheets






Explore 200+ integrations

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