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Scale your marketing and sales effortlessly

Mevrik is an Omni-channel support solution that helps your business drive engagement, boost lead generation, and maximise ROI.

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Better lead generation
Manage queries from multiple sources in one unified inbox and reduce the risk of overlooking high-value customers.
Improved conversion rates
Get a full customer profile through Mevrik’s CRM system and create a personalised experience that leads to profitable results.
Sales Automation
Automate tasks like routine queries, follow-ups, and post-purchase surveys to keep your prospects nurtured throughout the whole customer journey.

Centralised lead management

Attract more qualified leads with the right support

With Mevrik’s unified inbox, you can see all your customer inquiries in one place. A consolidated view of interactions across channels helps you stay organised and mark important conversations, making it easier to nurture customers that are more valuable to your brand.


Unify data to convert prospects into loyal customers

Mevrik’s CRM system helps customers gather information such as contacts, email addresses, social media interactions, etc. Getting a comprehensive view of all this information helps your business create personalised offers and services that best meet their needs.


Deliver the right support to the right customer at the right time

Mevrik’s automation tools help you actively engage with your leads. Sending timely content, such as follow-ups, personalised emails, and surveys, will help nurture your prospects and move them through the sales funnel.

Simplify your Marketing and Sales strategies

Track, convert, and follow up with your potential customers on one easy-to-use platform.