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Engage Your Customers in Real-time with AI Assist

Mevrik Unified and AI-Assist LiveChat allows your agents to perform seamlessly and efficiently from one inbox.

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Social channels like messenger, website, instagram, viber, whatsapp, telegram

What & Why Mevrik Live-chat?

Mevrik Live-chat is an online customer-supporting tool that enables your website or social media visitors to chat in real time. You can connect all different channels like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc, and manage in one place.

Unified and Supercharged Engagement with Human Touch


Respond to your incoming queries with contextual AI assistance to retain your loyal customers.




Personalise customer support with the help of an AI-based Omni-Channel inbox and keep them loving your brand.

A unified and powerful,all-in-one customer service tool

Create a unique customer experience with AI-Assist.

Mevrik Live Chat
Mevrik Mobile Live Chat

Give your agents the chance to perform faster and with ease.

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Manage and respond to any channel and multi-business from one place

Unify your customer messaging channels. Track, prioritise, and respond from an all-in-one agent workspace across all digital channels.

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Chat History and Interaction Logs

Give BOT or human agents conversation history and actions to your agents to resolve the issues faster and with ease. 

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Integrated Apps and Team Chat

Connect any app, e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., to manage orders from Live Chat. Team Chat gives your agents ways to communicate about unknown issues.

Customer support live
customer mood detection

Save time

Grow your business by operational savings with Mevrik AI

Resolve any tickets faster than any other solution with Mevrik agent assistance. Understand the customer's needs, behaviour, and topics. Based on that, Mevrik will assign the customer to the right agents.

Benefits of Mevrik Live Chat:

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    Intelligent chat routing

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    Customer behaviour and topic identification

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    Intelligent agent assistance

get insights

Keep your business on track

Drive strategic decision-making across the business with rich data and dashboards with end-to-end analytics.

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    Manage a uniform view of your customers

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    Business performance & all actionable insights

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    Depth Agent Analytics

mevrik for businesses

An Ecosystem of Integrations

One-click integrations with your existing stack. No change of management needed.

Google Analytics




Open AI



Office 365

Google Sheets






Explore 200+ integrations

An ecosystem of integrations

One-click integrations with your existing stack. No change management needed.

Source Channels
Google Business
Google Analytics
And many more
Collaboration Tools

And full of delightful details...

To help you enjoy the ride and ship something cheerful!

Multi and Omni Channel Support

Multi-& Omni-Channel Capabilities

intelligent chat routing

Intelligent Chat Routing

auto customer segmentation

Auto-Customer Segmentation

sentiment and topic identification

Sentiment and Topic identification

canned messages and knowledgebase

Canned Message & Knowledgebase

e-commerce integration

E-commerce Integration

Team chat

Internal notes

Insight and Analytics

Interaction Logs

SDK Chat and Video

Priority CRM

Agent assists

And More...

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