Engage & Delights your customers on social & beyond

Publish, Engage, analyze - with Mevrik all-in-one AI assists Social Media Management Platform gives you to unlock the full potential of social to transform your business.

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Turn Social Media Into a Revenue Driver

Mevrik helps you to extract real business value from social & delights your customer

Visitors to leads

Prioritize the Important Conversation

Mevrik conversation alert helps to you know at a glance about your post and can route or assign the conversation based on Priority.

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    Question about the post

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    Customer Negative Sentiment

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    If customer have a purchase query


Control your brand image with Mevrik AI

Moderate and reply to your customer comments or reviews Instantly using the Mevrik Conversational Intelligence tool.

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    Auto Hide & Delete Negative Comments, Post or Reviews

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    Reply & Moderate automatically From Live Streaming

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    Respond to them in Privately or Publicly Instantly

Reels and short scheduling

It's here! Schedule Facebook, Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts

Can you post Facebook, Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts from one Place on Mevrik? Yup! Visually plan & schedule Reels or Shorts to auto-publish whenever you want. Also, you can apply profanity filer.

An ecosystem of integrations

One-click integrations with your existing stack. No change management needed.

Source Channels
Google Business
Google Analytics
And many more
Collaboration Tools

And it’s full of delightful details…

To help you in enjoying the ride and shipping something cheerful!

Multi & Omni Channel Capabilities

Publishing & Scheduling

Intelligent Chat Routing

Auto Moderation

Prioritize Conversation

Reels & Shorts Scheduling

Sentiment & Topic Indentification

Canned Message & Knowledgebase

Auto Customer Segmentation

Team chat

Internal notes

Insight & Analytics

Interaction Logs

SDK Chat & Video

Priority CRM

Agent assists

And More...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multi & Omni-Channel?

In multi-channel System can be connect with multiple channels, e.g. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Web and Mobile SDK, etcWith a omni-channel system can identify the same user available in multiple channels and can provide seamless experience in multiple channels.

How can I make a single intent for multi language response?

Use the same intent and similar conversation design for multiple languages and channels without creating another intent. Create an intent from our flow group options then you just need to select channels & language. That's it!

How can I build a supercharged BOT without coding knowledge?

You don’t need any coding skills to get started. It’s simple to create different logic blocks/flows and link them to respective triggers with a visual builder for a response. mevrik offers great own plugins e.g. human take-over, a pre-Trained Domain Specific NLP/NLU engine to understand complex queries and entities.

What is Conversation Handover?

Conversation handover occurs when a request made by a user is out of the scope of the chatbot’s designated use case or requires more nuanced human care. When this happens, the chatbot then offers the user the option to be forwarded to a human agent, who can then seize the conversation and assist the customer manually.All this takes place without the user ever needing to change channels.

How can I connect my shopify store to Mevrik?

Connect your Shopify store to Mevrik in just a few clicks. Our new Shopify onboarding process for new users lets you connect your Shopify store. Just install the Shopify app from Mevrik Store then import & sync.

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